The Year of Your Life

The Heroic Entrepreneurs journey

It may be said that there are two great beginnings in the life of every man who has left his mark upon history. There is the day when he is born into the world; and there is the day when he discovers why he was born into the world.

William Barclay, 1976

The Second Great Beginning

Have you had your second great beginning? Have you discovered why you were born into this world? Few people have actually experienced this in a deliberate conscious way. Why?
  1. 1It is difficult to discover what your inner purpose or raison d’être is with absolute conviction because it resides in the sub-conscious, primal part of your brain
  2. 2You may not have even been aware that you have a special role to play
  3. 3You may not even believe that you have a special role to play
  4. 4You may not even think it is important
  5. 5Over time, hope in a meaningful life can atrophy or fade if not given a chance to be used
The few people who have discovered why they were born into the world have been those awoken by a critical incident or series of circumstances that has been forced upon them. Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and now Simon Sinek have experienced this and have been able to leave their mark upon the world in profound ways.

There are many sadly, who have been unable to achieve this because they were never presented with a critical moment to awaken their ‘why’. Neither have they realised that with courage and determination, their ‘why’ could be awakened and so consequently have faded quietly with barely a ripple, into obscurity.

The Year of Your Life is a program that calls you to go on a hero’s journey of self discovery. The first part is to reach that moment of enlightenment where you discover with absolute conviction the reason why you were born into the world.

The Third Great Beginning

The men who have succeeded are the men who have chosen one line and stuck to it.

Andrew Carnegie

The Third Great Beginning which is when you begin to deliberately leave your mark on the world. It enables you to discover with absolute clarity your unique purpose by combining your drive with your top strengths and the most appropriate opportunities that lie before you.

Seizing business opportunities can make you an entrepreneur but embracing the opportunity to serve a purpose no one else can, where you are uniquely placed to add value to make a real difference is heroic. Finding congruence, believing in who you are, and being respected for it, is the life of legends.

My deepest desire is to help you achieve this and consequently make the next 12 months, the most significant year of your life. I want you to be able to look back and remember when your life changed for good.

Are you ready?

The people who will get the most from this programme are those who want to find absolute clarity. Those people who are committed to making a difference.

If you sign up for this 12-month programme, I will take you on a journey and show you exactly what to do to:

Establish with absolute clarity your own purpose, dedication and commitment.

Discover and leverage your top strengths to add value and enable fulfilment.

Build an authentic business that leads the field and is respected.

Are you ready? If you are ready, then together we are going to make sure you take your purpose, dedication and commitment and consequently your rewards to a whole new level!

What is The Year of Your Life program?

The 6 Month Year of Your Life program includes the following:

Fortnightly 2-hour 1:1 coaching sessions for 6 months

Personal investment = ½ hour a day (this could be reading a book, journaling or planning)

How does it work?

There are 3 distinct phases:
  1. 1Finding Your Definite Purpose – discovering what makes you uniquely special
  2. 2Optimising Your Definite Purpose – creating a plan to transform your business accordingly
  3. 3Achieving Your Definite Purpose – action learning through execution of your plan

How much does it cost?

£4,997one off fee
  • Cheapest option
  • Nearly 50% off face value price
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