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Learn from The High Fliers

If you want your startup business to be amongst the 5% that actually survive beyond its first tumultuous year, you need to become cashflow positive before you run out of money.

The High Fliers mastermind group enables you to learn from entrepreneurs who have personally grown their own businesses to inspire and guide you to success; to prevent you from wasting time or making mistakes.

Talk to any seasoned entrepreneur and they’ll tell you – “Don’t go it alone; find people you can confide in”.

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To minimise this rollercoaster you need to recognise that the ‘big business’ tools, rules and processes taught in the business schools and by hordes of consultants (often) do not apply.

New Tools

Instead, you need to use a dramatically different set of tools, rules and processes to find a sustainable and profitable business model. In start-up parlance, you need to master the challenges of agile customer development to iteratively build, test and find your minimum viable business product.

Customer Proof

To preserve cash and reduce the time and effort wasted on building features that customers don’t want, you need to search for and find customer proof (i.e. paying customers). And you need to find the courage to take decisive, corrective action within days of your idea not meeting the market need.



There are no facts inside your building, so get the heck outside.

Steve Blank – The Startup Manual



How serious are you about achieving success?

Choose the membership level that matches your ambition:

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Membership Levels

Are you ready?

Often the only people who understand you are other entrepreneurs. The High Fliers mastermind group is a confidential place where you can meet up with other like-minded entrepreneurs on a monthly basis to:

  1. 1Improve your business model hypotheses with insights from other founders
  2. 2Fast track your customer discovery by accessing the members networks
  3. 3Make objective decisions on whether small adjustments or larger ones (pivots) are required
  4. 4Discover how to reduce learning cycles and build the minimum viable product more easily
  5. 5Support each other in breaking through limited resources to fund customer creation
  6. 6Ensure you limit your activities to the most important areas in building the business
  7. 7Celebrate each other’s success

How does it work?

The High Fliers entrepreneur’s mastermind group provides you with the following:

A 4-hour mastermind group meeting

Quarterly Reviews to ensure you are on track

A 2-hour goal setting coaching session

Replays of all online meetings

Private website for group members to network and collaborate

Subscription to the online Startup Owner’s Manual: Founders Workbook

Who's it for? These groups are for entrepreneurs who passionately invest time, energy and money in their business' development and see the benefits of having a confidential group of peers. Each entrepreneurial mastermind group runs for 12 months and can meet either locally or online.

Set Goals

Napoleon Hill, of Think and Grow Rich fame said, What a different story men would have to tell if only they would adopt a definite purpose, and stand by that purpose until it had time to become an all-consuming obsession! This definite purpose is achieved in a 2 hour, one-on-one session by assessing the clarity of your business' ‘Why’ or primary purpose, how well you have structured your business to leverage your strengths and ascertaining what growth strategies you have to achieve the success you desire.

Right Fit

We ensure members have the same level of integrity and the right attitude to join our Masterminds group. We want to enable all members to share, appreciate and respect each other’s purpose, strengths and strategies.


We ask a bunch of questions to help you discover the great things about you and your business. Who are you? What entrepreneurial gift comes from your personality? Is your business' purpose congruent with your own personal drive or ‘Why’? How well has your business plan and model survived contact with your customers? Who are the team members you need to free up your time and catalyse your strengths?

Access the Community

Network with global Heroic Entrepreneurs in a confidential member’s forum. Commission services from people who share the same values as you. Share information and opportunities on funding, technology and legal issues. Find potential joint venture partners you can trust. Be inspired by the progress your peers are making. Leverage the 6-degrees of separation with other successful entrepreneurs.