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Hi-Growth Speed Pitch Challenge 5th Nov 14 Normally when entrepreneurs pitch to investors there is normally only a handful of people in the room. On the 5th of November 2014 though, a Sold-Out event organised by Mary Strachan Operations Director of the Business Forum Scotland saw five companies pitching to nearly…
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What is the secret to… six magpies?

What do six magpies mean? Whilst drinking my Americano this morning I spotted out of my kitchen window six magpies fly into the bushes around my bird bath and take it in turns to drink water from a hole in the ice. This wasn’t an orderly affair as you’d imagine…
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What is the secret to… leadership?

Only those who have followers, lead.   Those who do not have followers, do not lead. This belief is so simple yet so often unrealized by those who should be or are meant to be leaders. Of course great leaders lead their followers somewhere. They communicate a vision, or a…
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