A fulfilled world

What is the secret to… a fulfilled world?

I believe that business is the greatest force for good in the world today.

It makes sense that what we do for a living determines what our lives are like and that this has a good or bad influence on society. Let’s face it though, the majority of people are unhappy in their work and go home at the end of the day stressed and unfulfilled.

If the firms that employ an increasing majority of the population are driven solely to satisfy the owner’s greed at the expense of working conditions, of the stability of the community, and of the health of the environment, chances are that the quality of our lives – and that of our children – will be worse than it is now.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Good Business 2003

It does not have to be this way. Work can be one of the most joyful, rewarding aspects of life.

Too many of today’s business leaders are oblivious to the fact that they are key players in a fully realised society and need to play a role beyond profit generation. After all, the most successful businesses are those that provide the most value to the most people by solving a problem, meeting a need or making their unique contribution to the world. Period.

The most successful businesses

I was inspired by Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ and formed Heroic Entrepreneurs to improve society’s well being by finding people who share this belief and empowering them to be part of the solution.

If you believe this, then you are a Heroic Entrepreneur and the world needs you.