Getting up in the morning

What is the secret to… getting up in the morning

Let’s begin by thinking about three questions…

Decide a number between (low) 1—10 (high) that reveals on average:

1 – How happy you are?
2 – How single minded you are?
3 – How easy you find it to get out of bed in the morning?

Now add those three numbers together and note the answer…


It may be said that there are two great beginnings in the life of every man who has left his mark upon history. There is the day when he is born into the world; and there is the day when he discovers why he was born into the world.

William Barclay, 1976

Now you may be thinking that the reason you were born into the world is merely chance because your mother and father had a physical encounter all those years ago. But actually, as you grow from childhood to adolescence and finally adulthood, your experiences combined with your unique physical being result in a reason or purpose that you offer the world unlike no other.

Despite any skepticism, they certainly offer you as an individual, the opportunity to leave your mark upon history. The problem is though, you might never ever think about, or have the clarity to determine the reason why you were born and what opportunities lie before you.


Working 9-5 or making money is not the reason why you were born into this world, these are just results of your ability to give value to somebody or something. Chasing success in itself always results in frustration and is ironically the cause of why you that might actually deny or frustrate the reason you were born into this world.

Knowing your reason why gives you three essential things:

1 – Fulfilment: This is your only source of happiness
2 – Focus: Single mindedness means you can say ‘No’ to distractions
3 – Drive: Knowing your purpose fills you with an irrepressible energy

So what was your score from the first three questions?

If it was under 10, then Monday mornings must be really difficult and you are possibly miserable going round in circles wondering what life is about.

If it was between 10 – 20, then you need to find the hope to inspire you with courage to complete this process.

If it was over 20, then you know discovering your purpose is easy but fulfilling it is harder. How are you doing with that?

Discovering your reason why and actually fulfilling it is an impossible task on your own. You need to find like-minded people who can support you because it is the work of your life and so deserves your best.

Let me know if you would like some help with this because helping you discover and fulfill your reason why, is my reason why…